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Installation Process

Each Installation is unique in its own way but the process is almost the same each time.

* Line yard with plywood to gain access to installation area.

* Remove any existing concrete, grass, and bad earth(Wet Clay) that may cause issues from the installation area and haul it away.

* Install 5-class be and compact, this process may be repeated to achieve a solid base.

* Install rebar steel rods through out new install, this would enhance the strength of the concrete.

* Concrete will be installed at 4" thick (Unless discussed and agreed thicker prior);Concrete will be a 6 bag 4500-5000psi mix. This mix is designed to be 10 times stronger than your standard mix. This mix also will prevent surface shelling and rock pops.

* Control joints will be installed as needed to prevent concrete from cracking. (Concrete sections will not be cut any larger than 6'6" to prevent cracking).

* Two coats of cure and seal will be applied. This will help the concrete cure and protect the surface of the concrete. (Acrylic Sealer, a non-slip additive will be added to the sealer for traction).